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Going shopping

Today’s Monday Podcast takes a look a shops in Germany, in particular for the weekly groceries.

When you first come to Germany to live, you need to get used to shopping at the supermarkets, which may not be open for a long as you were used to before. Certainly they will have different brands of goods so the first few weeks or even months can be very confusing. Some items that you look for may be very hard to find as they are not so common.

Also, you now have the wide choice of discounters, local supermarkets and larger out-of-town supermarkets. These vary in price and range, so to optimise a budget you may need to go to more than one type during the course of a week.

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6 Responses to “Going shopping”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Einkaufen in Deutschland

    Heute besch?ftigt sich der “Monday Podcast” mit dem Thema “Einkaufen in Deutschland”. Wie ist es, wenn man als Ausl?nder hier zum ersten Mal einkaufen geht?`

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  4. Prashant Says:

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