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KiKa Summer Tour in Wiesbaden

KiKa is a German television channel for Children.  Last week their summer tour visited Wiesbaden, so we took a break from moving into our new flat to go there for the day.

We arrived early enough to get a good view of the main stage and at the very front there was even a special area for children.  After the first few acts we tried to get autographs from the main presenters, but the queues were so long, that by the time we got to the front they were in the process of leaving.

The main presenters - Singa and Juri on stage

The main presenters – Singa and Juri on stage

Although there was plenty on offer, the number of children present meant that anything you wanted to do you had to queue for, which is why in the afternoon we spent 2½ hours queuing for the chance to climb up a giant loaf of bread!

Climbing on Bernd das Brot

Climbing up “Bernd das Brot”

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