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Two more Christmas markets

Christmas market at the book shop...

Christmas market at the book shop…

To finish off our series of visiting Christmas markets in the area, we went to two smaller ones.

The first one was in front of our local supermarket and organised by the book shop there.  There were stands selling waffles, mulled wine, crêpes, and of course books.  But there were also stands from local organisations such as our Kindergarten selling home-made decorations and biscuits.

A local Nikolaus appeared at one point and took the children into the shop for a story.

... and at the animals' home

… and at the animals’ home

Our second visit was to the local Tierheim (animal home).  This was a good chance to see inside the home, and although the market itself was somewhat spread out and not that big, we did partake of coffee and mulled wine, as well as buying a Christmas pyramid at the flea market.

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One Response to “Two more Christmas markets”

  1. Maria S. Says:

    You must have been there right at opening time when it was still daylight.

    By the time I got there at 4:30 it was already dark… you can see that in the photos I took of the same Christmas market.

    Winter solstice has passed – our daylight hours are going to get longer again!!!


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